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FAQ for Living Room Conversations


Why are Living Room Conversations are the way they are?

The rationale behind Living Room Conversations is to increase understanding, reveal common ground and allow us to discuss possible solutions. No fancy event or skilled facilitator is typically needed. When people of all walks of life begin to care about one another, they can begin working together to solve the wicked problems of our time.


How do I find a cohost?

Cohosts are best when they have a different perspective from you. Think about your friends with whom you have respectful disagreements.  


Who should I invite?

Think about people who are interested in having meaningful conversations about our world. The conversations are richest and most fun when there’s diversity of perspective. Think about many kinds of differences- age, gender, culture, politics and more. You may be surprised at the range of opinion on a particular topic in a group that seems homogeneous.


Do I have to provide food? Or beverages?

While you don’t need to provide food or beverages, having those available is a hospitable gesture that supports conversation. When we share snacks together, we tend to be more sociable. Having a potluck or meeting at a coffee shop can work.


Where can a Living Room Conversation happen?

Living Room Conversations can happen anywhere a small group of people groups can gather in a comfortable and relatively private space. You can even gather online using platforms like Zoom or Google Hangout.