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custom conversation

create your own Conversation Club

The LRC Conversation Club lets you plan your own conversation, much like a monthly book club. Each month, we recommend a topic of current interest and encourage people to gather and talk with each other on that topic. Think of it like a book club, only no reading is required! There are several ways to host.
  • in person in your home
  • teleconference
  • video conference

There are many ways to have a Conversation Club. The idea is to get us talking with each other, learning more about diverse viewpoints and having a great time in the process. No matter how you host your Conversation Club, we promise you will enjoy yourself.

Download this month's topic

Eavesdrop on an actual conversation on a different hot topic each month!

Experience real conversations where different points of view are presented in ways that foster relationships, unearth common ground and improve understanding between participants.

Listen to a Conversation Club podcast on current or past topics on LRC radio.

  • excerpts from a Conversation Club that happened in Utah right after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. We have both a short peek and a long look at Mormons and gay marriage;
  • Google Hangout of a Conversation Club discussion on the topic of What is freedom?

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