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what participants say


I very much value[d] the idea of open dialogue in a non-combative setting. I think this is a true medium of change for Americans.” – Marshall, participant

“. . . deeply personal contributions [were] given by each participant — bravely and safely. These are things I never would have known about most of these people and they definitely inform the conversation. It was a lovely, lively exchange of very different people with very different backgrounds.” – participant

This evening exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical when you asked me to cohost. I expected more strident views from the other side and thought that they would expect the same from my side. This was a great dialogue and I have a genuine interest in continuing.” – participant

I have been so hungry for so long for a chance at conversation like that. I would be interested in having ongoing structured and facilitated conversations which would delve deeper into some of the different perspectives which we discussed last night.” – M.S. participant