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easy steps to a Living Room Conversation

So, you’re hosting your first Living Room Conversation! We’ve assembled a few short videos and guides to answer common questions. We are always learning, so please let us know if you have a question that isn’t answered here.

Through Living Room Conversations, we are able to engage in a deeper and more meaningful conversation about who we are and what we care about.  This in turn allows us to take actions where we have common ground.

We hope you take this chance to have a Living Room Conversation yourself, it’s a lot of fun!



What is a Living Room Conversation?

A Living Room Conversation is simple concept where two friends of different perspectives each invite two more friends to come together to have a purposeful and meaningful conversation.

Each conversation is unique. You begin with questions about individual values and missions. These take your group to a deeper level of conversation. Each topic continues with one or two questions that stimulate your participants into discussing new ideas, collaboratively looking at current issues and coming up with possible solutions together.

Choose a topic

Living Room Conversations has more than 50 topics ready to discuss or your can build your own. Each topic has targeted questions for your group to answer. These facilitate your conversation.

Choose a cohost and participants

Today, the norm is to surround ourselves with people who believe as we do, often called a social media (or Facebook) bubble. Sometimes the best conversations, though, are between people of widely disparate viewpoints. Try to choose a cohost with a different perspective on your chosen topic.

Each cohost should invite two participants. Look for people who are open-minded, wish to have a fun conversation and want to make a difference.

Choose a date and location

After you have identified your participants, choose a date. You might need an app like Doodle, which make it super easy for everyone to communicate on possible dates.

Decide on a comfortable space; that might be an actual living room or perhaps your favourite coffee shop. Some people do it over dinner or lunch. You can even connect with people across the country through video conversations.

Share the topic materials ahead of time. Materials can either be downloaded or you can download materials from the topic page.

Create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for the conversation. This usually involves refreshments but you might also consider a potluck meal, or meeting at a coffee shop.

Have your conversation!

After everyone has gathered, go over the Conversation Ground Rules. These common sense guidelines let everyone know what is expected of them and create a safe environment for your group to have a great conversation.


Tell us about it

You can help Living Room Conversations grow and expand by completing our feedback form or writing a blog telling us about your experience.