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I very much value[d] the idea of open dialogue in a non-combative setting. I think this is a true medium of change for Americans.” – Marshall, participant

“. . . deeply personal contributions [were] given by each participant — bravely and safely. These are things I never would have known about most of these people and they definitely inform the conversation. It was a lovely, lively exchange of very different people with very different backgrounds.” – participant

This evening exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical when you asked me to cohost. I expected more strident views from the other side and thought that they would expect the same from my side. This was a great dialogue and I have a genuine interest in continuing.” – participant

I have been so hungry for so long for a chance at conversation like that. I would be interested in having ongoing structured and facilitated conversations which would delve deeper into some of the different perspectives which we discussed last night.” – M.S. participant

“It is immensely enjoyable, instructive, and gratifying to have an important conversation with people who don’t see things the same way I do.” – Mary G., participant

“Each person offered a view that made me look differently at the topic of ‘inequality.’” – participant

“. . . meeting people of different backgrounds with the understanding that we would discuss issues, not superficial cocktail talk . . . with the expectation of revealing deeply held values and concerns. [It felt] safely vulnerable.” – participant

“This introduction established in me a high level of respect for each person in the group.” – participant

“The evening expanded my overall thinking and I love that!” – participant

“I learned that while we often share end goals, our reasons and experiences to get to those [goals] were different and unique.” – Zach C., participant

“We hear so often in our society and the media how important it is to have these kinds of conversations, but there never seems to be an avenue to actually have a conversation.” – participant

“The status quo does not serve the people of this country and Living Room Conversations is a critical step in helping people to see that they have a lot in common with those they've been told by the politicians and the media that they should hate. Only by learning to respect each other, and work together in this way is real change possible." – Mark Meckler, cofounder, Tea Party Patriots

“American democracy was founded with the words ‘We the People.’ When we can't talk with one another with respect across our lines of difference, democracy suffers.” – Parker J. Palmer, author of Healing the Heart of Democracy, founder and senior partner of the Center for Courage and Renewal

“Living Room Conversations is a powerful tool for empowering local communities and for overcoming partisan dysfunction as we tackle these challenges." – Van Jones, cohost of Crossfire, president of Dream Corps

“There is growing consensus that changing the political ‘rules of the game’ in a nonpartisan direction is the way out of the divide. Living Room Conversations is an important building block for that." – Jacqueline Salit, president of IndependentVoting.org

“Living Room Conversations forces us to treat each other with courtesy, to listen to each other with respect, and to develop some empathy for those with whom we may — even after the conversation — disagree strongly.” – Eric Liu, founder of Citizen University

"Living Room Conversations is as powerful as the simplicity in which it is grounded. It is a brilliant concept, deeply grounded in an understanding of American culture, that cuts across ethnicity, political affiliation, class, religion, gender identification and race.” – Audrey Addison Williams, founder and president of Healing Soul of America, Inc.

“Social media tools plus in-person meetings like the Living Room Conversations have the potential to transform our democracy for the better. They allow for anyone, regardless of background and political affiliation, to come together to be more involved in our civil and political processes –– and to work together for the betterment of our country." – Elisa Batista, bilingual journalist and award-winning blogger

“Rather than waiting around for Washington to fix this, Living Room Conversations revives the spirit of American democracy at its true center: in hometowns, between neighbors, in your living room. In a country where we aspire to government of the people, by the people, and for the people, perhaps that is as it should be." – Liz Joyner, cofounder of the Village Square

"I am a die-hard fan and champion of Living Room Conversations because I am tired of relentless media soundbytes holding more power over the American mind than the actual stories, lives and experiences of our next door neighbors.” – Jacob Hess, president of All Of Life

"Living Room Conversations is slowly and carefully reweaving the torn fabric of our American democracy one conversational strand at a time. If we can’t talk to each other with civility, respect, and dignity, then we certainly can’t work together at any level of our society to solve the profound and daunting challenges we face. Living Room Conversations becomes a template for our citizens and leaders alike." – John Steiner, transpartisan networker and leader