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getting involved

getting involved

Living Room Conversations needs you!

Get involved! 

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Host/co-host your own conversation

Find a friend with a different point of view on a topic of interest; invite another couple of friends (each); and set up a time and place to gather for your conversation.

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Having a hard time finding conversation partners with a different perspective?

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Some people find it challenging to identify co-hosts with a different perspective. We often think in terms of political leaning — remember diverse perspectives come from differences in age, race, socio-economic background, geographic location, etc. 

Another way to get diverse perspectives is to consider building your own conversation about an issue that appeals to you (see our how-to guide) . Some folks have chosen to build conversations around local issues such as community growth and development, land-use, local ballot measures, etc. Of course you can always try some of our tried and true  ready-to-go conversation guides on our topics page.

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Try a video/web-enabled Living Room Conversation

Another way to have a Living Room Conversation is by using technology to connect with diverse people across time and space. Stay at home and enjoy the conversation wearing your bunny slippers! 

Have a friend or family member living across the country that you would love to co-host a video Living Room Conversation with? We can help with that. Gather 4-6 people and we can help you have your own video Living Room Conversation using Zoom. See our “How to” guide on hosting/co-hosting a video conversation.

Need more information? Get in touch with Mary@livingroomconversations.org.


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Volunteer for Living Room Conversations?

From time-to-time we have projects for which we could use support. Please check back here for listings about volunteer needs and thanks for considering!

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Current opportunities:

Volunteer development/coordinator 

Organizers (lead and local) - develop relationships with organization leaders and help them develop conversations that are key for their communities; train local organizers who help find co-hosts and prepare participants for success and reporting back.

Did you know that we have Living Room Conversation Organizer meetings via web-enabled conferencing every other Thursday? Everyone is welcome! We meet for 60 minutes starting at 10am PST and talk about Living Room Conversations happening in the field. Whether you’ve been participating in LRCs or you’re planning on putting together a LRC for the first time, we’d love to have you. For more information contact Mary@livingroomconversations.org  

Communications - Developing the LRC story locally and nationally online and in the media.

Research - recruit academics and learn about and better understand and document our successes and failures

Online community building - mentors, communicators, tech visionary

  • game/app development  -The Living Room Conversations website shares all the materials co-hosts need to hold a Living Room Conversation and has some excellent videos and blogs for people to review. This is helpful but not sufficient for building the dynamics that will drive Living Room Conversations topics online and in person. We would like to find someone or some team that is inspired by the challenge of growing an online community of hosts and participants that are able to share what they have learned, discuss opportunities, mentor new hosts and encourage new participants. We imagine them sharing pictures, videos and stories. Plus we expect to need space for issue areas where communities of interest may emerge.  Some of this may happen on Facebook, some on our website, some with online communities of partner organizations and some in places we look forward to discovering. 

Events calendar — coming soon!

Look here for upcoming Living Room Conversations events!