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Articles and opinions from the Living Room Conversation team that capture and reflect on conversations in practice. As political dynamics shift and transition, this blog serves as a place to see how Living Room Conversations can help everyone grow together. Pieces are often reposted from Huffington Post, where our team often contributes, and other sites around the web.

LRC podcast

Twice monthly, Living Room Conversations takes to the internet with a pre-recorded conversation on current events and our monthly Conversation Club topic. If you want to hear what a Living Room Conversation sounds like, or find out about other perspectives on a topic, we encourage you to stream or download a conversation today.

Please join us on Thursdays at 3 PM EDT/noon PST onĀ Coffee Party Radio.

what the media says

See what other people are saying about Living Room Conversations. Articles and op-eds published in newspapers, magazines and online publications from around the country that show how these conversations are a way to strengthen democracy beyond voting.