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This month's HOT topic: Fake News

The art of civil discourse means no soapboxes here!

Ever sit on a couch in someone’s living room, trying to make conversation? Or listen to someone get on a soapbox and dominate the conversation by expressing their opinion with such fervor that no one else dares speak, let alone contradict?

When we have authentic, respectful conversations we strengthen our relationships and advance our understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions before us.

Living Room Conversations begin with two people of differing perspectives. Each person invites two more friends for a total of six participants. The idea is to assemble a group of people with diverse outlooks to have a rich, meaningful conversation. The LRC approach lets you have a conversation that actually gets somewhere. Need help finding diversity? Fill out our match-up form here! 

Living Room Conversations has more than 60 ready-to-discuss topics (or your can build your own). Our conversation ground rules and format ensure everyone gets a chance to speak.

You need not study up on all of the supporting evidence surrounding your topic because Living Room Conversations are not debates. Rather, they are conversations intended to enhance understanding. You and your friends may change your minds on a topic, or you might not. Either way, these conversations will allow you to better understand the topic you chose.

Living Room Conversations can transform distrust and discord into understanding — paving the way for collaborative solutions. When we have authentic, respectful conversations we strengthen our relationships and advance our understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions before us.

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Oct 16, 2017, by Katie Page

The American dream

By Michael V. Rodriguez. Reprinted from Huffington Post.

At 6 am as coffee attempts to dominate sleepiness I find a fitting state of mind to recall last night’s Living Room Conversation about the status of the American Dream in the Bay Area.

In recent months Berkeley has become the center of a free speech debate characterized by hate speech enticing violent protests. Unfortunately, the prevalent...

Oct 05, 2017, by Katie Page

What safety looks like

By Serena Witherspoon. Reprinted from Huffington Post.

I ride my bike to school. When you enter Sproul Plaza (the entrance point at the South Side of the UC Berkeley campus) there is clear marking that says to get off your bike, it is a walking zone. If campus is crowded...

Sep 14, 2017, by Katie Page

Growing up in school for democracy

By John Kesler. Reprinted from Huffington Post.

Maturity is one important lens for assessing progress in developing a healthier American democracy both in terms of competent citizenship and effective leadership. This post will comment on the importance of educating students through high school with this perspective in mind. I reference...

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Living Room Conversations is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 as a result of a transpartisan partnership focused on revitalizing civil discourse through conversation. Living Room Conversations offers an open-source format to facilitate structured conversations among people of differing views and backgrounds. Through these conversations we hope to increase understanding of various issues, build relationships, and pave the way for collaborative and inclusive problem-solving.